National focal points and stakeholders for the Aarhus Convention and the PRTR Protocol, as well as other focal points involved in PRTR activities, are encouraged to examine the listed resources and utilize them as needed during PRTR implementation. Great appreciation is expressed to the governments and organisations listed for providing access to these technical components.

E-PRTR software available for free download
The European Commission and European Environment Agency have made available for free download the E-PRTR website software. The website URL is  
The software is open-source and can be understood and adapted easily by a knowledgeable programmer and can be re-used by other countries (or regions) that are developing a national PRTR database. The source code can be downloaded from the EEA repository at:
The necessary deployment information is available at:

Note: The plug-in of the ESRI map viewing tools (commercial product) is not open-source and a license would have to be purchased if the map-viewing tool is to be implemented.

German PRTR database software available for free download. The Umweltbundesamt - Federal Environment Agency has made available for free download the German PRTR database software at ftps://

The software is open-source and can be understood and adapted by a knowledgeable programmer and can be re-used by other countries (or regions) that are developing a national PRTR database. Please note, that file catcher software must be utilized for the download, for example, filezilla, which is available for many systems including Windows, Linux, *BSD, Mac OS X (download from A portable version for windows, which runs for example from an USB-Stick without prior installation can be downloaded from

Information available on this site is in the German language only at the moment. For further questions please contact Mr. Falk Hilliges

The North American Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) database brings together data reported by facilities to the Canadian, Mexican and United States' PRTRs. The updated website includes the latest available, integrated North American PRTR data, through 2010. Taking Stock Online searchable database explores industrial pollutant releases to air, water, land and underground injection, and transfers off-site to disposal, recycling or treatment. The multi-year data covers more than 500 pollutants, 35,000 facilities and almost 100 major industrial sectors and it allows for the generation of reports in a variety of formats; creation of maps using Google Earth; exploration of pollutant transfers across borders; and analysis of PRTR data in the context of geospatial information such as watersheds and population centers.

PRTR España has made publicly available, the information exchange schemes used in reporting emissions and waste transfers, along with their descriptions, so they can be used by other countries or regions that are implementing their own PRTR database. This exchange is based on XML files, which is a standard technology for exchanging structured data between different platforms. The information is currently available in Spanish.

Facility information is available at:

Release data information is available at:

Waste transfers information is available at:

Additional facility information required is listed at:

Consumption data is listed at:

Additional information about environmental permits related to PRTR is available at:

Additional information on the structure of the system and how it works is available in English and Spanish at:

The user manuals are available at: and in PDF format at:  Should you need further information do not hesitate to contact PRTR España at

Swiss PRTR.  The SwissPRTR platform ( was created to collect data on pollutant releases (emissions) and transfers by Swiss facilities. The platform is operated by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), which makes it available to the cantons and to facilities for decentralised data collection. For further information on SwissPRTR, click on the Documentation button on the homepage of the PRTR platform or follow this link: Swiss PRTR documentation page

UNITAR aims to provide PRTR database software for free download. UNITAR is developing an open-source PRTR database that will be freely available for utilization by countries (or regions) that are developing a national PRTR database. 

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